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We are committed to our local community through supporting great causes, individuals, teams and other charitable initiatives.​

Exceptional Talent

We are on a mission to support emerging and developing exceptional talent through sponsoring and motivating high performance.


We believe that our society, economy, and morals depend greatly on excellence, making and breaking records and moving boundaries. 


Here's who impressed us with their discipline and passion. 

Amy Stokoe - GB Youth Skier

Amy Stokoe is a young skiing sensation from Widdrington Village in Northumberland.    At only 12 years of age, Amy won many podium places in a range of competitions and championships representing England. Amy has been skiing since she was two and her ambition is to, one day, ski for Team GB at Winter Olympics.


We are hugely proud to provide funding and help with the cost of training sessions and camps to ensure that her dream of competing in Olympics comes true.

Ski Chalet
House in the Snow
Ski Lift
Scenic Ski
Ski Mountain Chair Lift
Climbing to the Top
At the Top
Ski Resort
Ski Resort
Ski Kid


Sport builds character and we are committed to it as a moral and social practice. 


It has the power to promote discipline, fairness and good behaviors, especially among young people.  


We make our contribution, in a form of sponsorship, to keep this great tradition going. 

Morpeth Cricket Club

Morpeth CC is the heartbeat of Northumberland cricket and a breeding ground for young players.  The club promotes an inclusive environment to learn the necessary skills, determination, and spirit to become a great cricketer. Their focus this season is to promote women and girls players.

We are delighted to be a new sponsor of the club and looking forward to seeing its juniors and seniors doing well this season.  

Cricket Field
Cricket Player
Red Cricket Ball
Cricket Teammates
Cricket Stadium
Cricket Scrimage
Cricket Practice
Cricket Player nature
Cricket Player play
Cricket Equipment
Cricket Game

Charities & Causes

We believe in power and importance of charitability and generosity and that giving simply makes us better. 

Here's organisation we choose to support on a journey to make the world a better place. 

Great North Children's Hospital

We choose to support charities that are close to our hearts - Great North Children's Hospital is undoubtedly one of those.  We have experienced first hand, the commitment and profesionalism of the medical staff and beyond. For us, children's health is paramount and making a valuable contribution towards health improvement means a lot to us.  

Kids Stacking Blocks
Kids in Preschool
Little Boy Playing Doctor
Running Children
Happy Kids Huddle
Kid's Art Supplies
Kids Blowing Bubbles
Smiling Girls
Kids Stacking Blocks
Pinwheel Kids
Turtle Puzzle Pieces
Complete Giraffe Puzzle 2
Pinwheel Kids

Women & Girls In Tech

Girls today Girls today may be the first generation able to end the hugely uneven mix of boys and girls going into technology and other roles across the business. We are committed to motivate and provide funding to the female who choose to pursue careers in technology and business occupations to ensure that they succeed, become a great role model for their peers and next generation and ultimately encourage more girls to get involved with subjects.  

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