Processes, Technology, and People -

the Key to Unlocking your Data

It can be overwhelming to see all available data solutions that can make your data work harder, provide answers and add value.


This is why, it's so crucial to firstly identify and understand, what challenges your organisation is currently facing and only then consider solutions that can be applied for the maximum benefit. 


The reason why your organisation may struggle with data will be almost certainly, rooted, in one or more,  of the three primary data components: Processes, Technology, and People.


We can help you in taking a holistic view of your organisation's data and carefully examine these three key components.



Here are some of the most common challenges our clients face and the solutions we provide.





  • Poor quality of data: by helping you to get the data right the first time we can help you avoid costly and potentially damaging data errors.

  • Convoluted reporting: 

  • No forward-looking: by using your historic and predictive data enriched with external information we can accurately and completely predict your future positioning.

  • Ineffective sharing of key data:  by building suitable infrastructure which can integrate massive volumes of data in various formats, we can provide a consolidated view of your data enabling sharing of key data sets across the organisation  




  • Unstructured data:

  • Not sufficient data storage:

  • Lack of data privacy: by various methods of de-identification (encryption, key coding, anonymisation) we can distance data from real identities and allow analysis to proceed while containing privacy concerns. 

  • Slow and inflexible systems: 

  • 'Off the shelf' data analytics: by personalising and /customising reporting





  • Preconceived Conclusions (status quo, non-data driven assumptions)

  • Aligning information with individuals (ie. budgetary/P & L responsibility)

  • Vast Ocean of Information (personalisation, focused info)

  • Lack of Time (3 days of collation & validating data to turn into information, no time to think. Frees up time to focus on analysis and action.

  • Disconnected Information  (collaborative, joined up integrated information portal) 










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